Performance Workshops

In the past, magicians have had few resources available to learn theatre and movement skills. These intensive, structured multi-day workshops have been tailored to magicians, and are intended to help them obtain basic theatre tools and self-directing skills to take away and be able to apply to their work. The multi-day workshop format allows time to effect real, hopefully lasting, change.


Each session is limited to 8 participants and includes daily yoga, movement, speech and acting classes. Evening performance classes consist of hands-on direction of each participant by Bob Fitch, to be observed by the entire group. Videos are made of all directing sessions, and participants are given the recordings of themselves to keep and refer to after the workshop. Acting classes are taught by Bob Fitch, Edwin Bordo or guest teachers. There will also be time reserved for recreation, introspection (processing) and fun and surprises.

This is a participatory workshop. It will be fun and exhilarating but also challenging. While the environment is warm and supportive, and major breakthroughs will occur, you should not expect the work to be easy or necessarily entirely comfortable. Participants are expected to attend all structured activities and classes of this integrated program. All yoga and movement classes are suitable for beginners but do require physical effort.

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