​​Magic Lectures for Clubs and Conventions
Book Bob for your Ring or Assembly Meeting

(1) Topit Lecture - For more information please read On Your Feet -  Bob's lecture notes.  Participants can follow up The Topit Lecture with The Topit Workshop 3 DVD Set.

(2) Coin Lecture – Bob’s innovative sleight-of-hand with coins emphasizes theater techniques for misdirection, clarity and impact. Watch for Bob's upcoming book on coins.

(3) Theater Magic Lecture -  Ten hidden secrets for performing better magic are discussed, with demos and stories that showcase personal successes. See Sharing My Secrets

(4) Condensed Bob Fitch Performance Workshop - A three to five-day version of the Bob Fitch Performance Workshop, held in your location. If you would like to facilitate/sponsor this, you could receive a discount for attending yourself!