Private Coaching & Directing Sessions

I work with magicians in a variety of ways:

Send me a video tape of your work to critique. I will mail you a response and have a follow-up consultation by telephone.

You may also come to my home in New Jersey to work on routines one-on-one for a minimum of three hours at an hourly rate.

I will come to your location to spend a few days working on your act for a fixed rate which will include my travel expenses.

I will consult on, or direct your show.

Then there's the Performance Workshop, which is interactive. It is an intensive workshop which cuts and molds you into a sharper, clearer image and carries that focus through into your material.
I also now offer the Traveling Workshop for groups of 5 or 6 magicians for 4 to 5-day workshops in their respective towns. If you would like to facilitate/sponsor this, you could receive a discount for attending yourself!

When you've considered HOW you'd like to proceed, WHAT you want to do, WHAT your GOAL is, and HOW MUCH TIME you will need, call me at (201) 947-8014 or e-mail me to set up a date.

I would ask you to tell me something about yourself--aspirations, dreams, background, other skills, etc. If you have never given much thought to what you need to improve, and are now ready to pursue that goal seriously...the light bulb has come on and you are READY. Don't stop now...I can help you get there!